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This product contains 10 grams of Negin saffron, which is coming in a luxury package called Khatam.

Saffron in Khatam Package
Negin Saffron in the Khatam package

What’s the Negin Saffron?

Negin Saffron is globally known for its golden saffron, incomparable quality, fascinating fragrance, pleasant flavor, and superb coloring strength.

This type of saffron is the longest and thickest of the vivid crimson stigma. It is pure and contains stigma without the style and the most expensive Saffron in the world. It has no style & pollen and just consists of red parts of stigma with high strength of coloring and aroma.

A Note on Saffron

Saffron is one of the food flavors that is so rare and valuable. Because of the great perfume and amazing benefits of saffron, it’s used in a variety of foods, beverages, desserts, and sweets.

We know saffron is invigorating, so if a person suffers from depression, adding saffron to food and beverage can cure this problem over time and make him/her mentally happy and healthy.

Cardiovascular system health, support the immune system, decrease cholesterol in vessels, joyfulness and mental health are the most famous benefits of saffron. [Refrence]

Saffrony Milk Chocolate
saffrony chocolate milk

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