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About Product

This product contains 125 grams of Iranian Negin saffron with the best quality, that is coming in a luxury package called Khatam. Also, This product is in the Luxurious Saffron section that we offer for our precious customers.

Iran Negin Saffron in Khatam Package
Negin Saffron in the Khatam Package

Iranian Negin Saffron Quality

The quality of saffron is tied to its freshness and purity. Definitely, we only offer the best saffron in the world and it contains grade I saffron threads. We are proud to announce that we always provide our customers with the best quality saffron in the world. So, If you are looking for high-quality saffron near me, you can buy Iranian Negin Saffron from our website safely.

Saffron Role in Health

Saffron is full of Antioxidants and turns it into a natural anti-cancer drug. In addition, if a person suffers from depression, adding saffron to food and beverage can cure this problem over time and make him/her mentally happy and healthy.

Cardiovascular system health, support the immune system, decrease cholesterol in vessels, joyfulness and mental health are the most famous benefits of saffron. Because of these reasons, adding saffron to the diet is recommended by many scientists. [Read more]

Saffron Icecream
Saffron Icecream

Additional information

Saffron Type

Standard Negin



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