Saffron or Kesar, is one of the food flavors that is so rare and valuable. Because of the great perfume and amazing benefits of saffron – like cardiovascular system health, support the immune system, decrease cholesterol in vessels, joyfulness, and mental health –, chefs use it in a variety of foods, beverages, desserts, sweets, and definitely, we can find it in most Iranian, European, Turkish, Indian, and Arab dishes including rice, meat, chicken, seafood, and desserts.

Kesar is useful for all ages and everyone can use this worthy plant. For example, this red spice prevents vision loss in old age. One of the other benefits is that it can reduce Cholesterol. Also, it is recommended that mothers use saffron in food or as a decoction to eliminate postpartum hemorrhage. 

There are many consumers around the world that are concerned about the health risks of synthetic pesticides and food additives. All of our products are pure, organic, and premium. We are importing super quality saffron directly from the farmer cooperatives in Iran, who have been producing and trading in saffron for over 50 years.

The most expensive spices in the world need different and valuable packaging too. We offer all our products in the best and most luxurious packaging while maintaining the physical and lasting health of this valuable spice, being beautiful and attractive too.

You can buy Saffron from our website safely. We always offer the best quality saffron in the world for our precious customers.

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